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I get allot or requests from people to put their stickers on my car but I don't want my car to look like a walking advertisement, so I only put on stickers from companies that really helped me out in the rebuild and who are great people to deal with. Big thanks to the following for all their help.

KD Rotary : Dave's shop did all the engine work for me at a great price. They performed the engine, trans, and rear end swap from one wrecked car to the other. They also installed the single turbo set up and did all the dyno & computer tuning. I couldn't recommended a better place to take your RX7.

Rx7 Fashion : A great place to pick up rx7 parts at the cheapest prices.

Rx7 Forums : If your looking for information on Rx7s heres where you need to go. You can chat with other rotor heads, see the latest developments on the rx8 ,find out about group buys , view picture and video, find great links, view Rx7 FAQ's, the list goes on an on. If you own and rx7 and haven't been to this site your really missing out

Rotor Motor Sports : Another place to find rx7 parts at great prices

AutoEurotec of BelAir : They did all the paint work on the outside of the car. If you live in Maryland, give greg a call at 410-836-0780, tell him mark with the rx7 sent you.

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