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The car was purchased used in 98 after it came off a 3 year lease. Immediately after buying the car I began to modify it. At first the car was going to be all show and no go, but soon enough the speed bug hit and the need for more horse power was irresistible. Being new to modifying cars I made a lot of stupid mistakes, not something you want to do on a car mistakes, not something you want to do mistakes, not something you want to do on a car that is as picky as an rx7. Do to what I believe was a wiring mistake the car had 2 engine fires within a 8 month period. In the first electrical fire I only lost the spark plug wires. The second fire shorted out my entire leading and trailing ignition system. It also got my PFS computer and the stock Mazda computer. Thanks to insurance footing the 4000+ bill, and Peter Ferrals help the car returned to the road 4 months later. After the fires I figured it was time to stop making it faster and move towards more of a show car. Soon the car looked allot faster than it was. In 98 I joined the Mazda club of Washington DC and got my first taste of track racing and driving schools. At the same time I got into the car show seen. In the first year I entered 4 shows:Custom compact power jam in PA (best of show Asian)Low rider super show, NJ (1st in the Mazda category)Import Showoff, NJ ( 2nd in the Mazda category)Nopi nationals, GA (1st in the rx7 category) I continued to modify the car, mostly on the interior. On my way back to the awards ceremony at a show in NC, I was cut off while changing lanes and found myself under a guard rail. The car was in really bad shape and insurance eventually totaled it.

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